2010 Farr 3.7 Nationals, Wellington

Evans Bay Yacht Club Friday 2 April - Monday 5 April 2010

Notice Of Race

3.7 Start Line
3.7 Start Line 2009 Nationals Bay Of Islands




Results can be found here


We will endeavor to publish photos at this location Any contributions gladly accepted, either email to demian@coretech.co.nz or give them to Demian on memory stick / CD / Camera, whatever! Demian will be sailing boat number 385.


Notice Of Race

The Notice Of Race document can be found here


MEASUREMENT: Remember that our Constitution: the onus is on YOU to be sure that your boat measures. Boats can be spot-checked at any time, possibly through a protest lodged by a competitor, or possibly through a measurer's (i.e., Committee member's) whim.

Class Rules are on our website, or I can email them to you. If your hull has passed through the jig and you have made no major repairs (eg, new deck) we will not put it through again unless, as in Rotorua 1989, there is no wind and Committee decide to put the top 5 hulls (at that stage of contest) through the jig, or see above paragraph.

FRIDAY MORNING we hope to measure sails, hull weight, masts, centreboards, and booms - this stops most of the ways people could try to crib, and reduces the likelihood of mid-contest worries. We have 3 hours: 9am till midday, but briefing + lunch takes some out. Please try to be there early: if you are in Wellington already, 9am would be good. The later your arrival, the more inconvenience YOU RISK !

HULL WEIGHT: If you are competitive and your hull is close to 50kg, do what I do. REMOVE ALL GEAR FROM HULL BEFORE GOING TO WELLINGTON. Then, when you hull has passed weighing, you only have to put it back on again. When people moan that they have to take gear off then put it back on, I have little sympathy. I spend more time working for this class than most: the gear will be off my hull, and I will have to put it on again before rigging. And I will be measuring other boats, whereas the ones who moan have only their own boats to worry about. Rudderstocks come off - no mercy. Traditional policy.

If you are sure your boat is several kg over 50kg, you can leave your gear on it, and the measurers will probably look at things and say there is no need to take gear off to be sure about the 50kg limit. We simply do not have time or staff to measure everyone meticulously. (That is why the onus is on top performers to be sure that their boats measure in all ways, and spot measurement is always possible.)

SAILS: Do what I do. Take your battens out BEFORE - then you have less stress on Friday morning: you only have to put them back in. Check class rules and check your sail yourself if it has not yet been approved. Get it right beforehand. (Only sailmakers can bring an oversized sail in, have it rejected, and turn up 20 minutes later with a modified, legal sail!)

MASTS: For heaven's sakes, PUT CONTRASTING COLURED BANDS (not tape) at the right places. See rules. It is not the job of the measurer to help you put them in the right place on Friday morning. All the measurers have other boats to measure, and their own boats to reassemble... (All these people are volunteers.)

Same for boom, connected to mast. DO IT YOUSELF AND HAVE IT READY!

We measure mast to deck: length of mast will be measured when your boat is rigged, and the tip (INCLUDING TOP OF PULLEY FOR HALYARD) of the mast must not be more than 6150 + 40 (mast step height) = 6190mm from deck.

This stops cribbing that has been attempted in the past (with the mast tenon not being counted)

If you own a good boat, please try to help by being ready. If you have an old dunga and are there for fun, your check will not be so rigorous, and we will allow the old sails to pass, even though they are now technically outlawed. We will class them as "Genuine building error, giving no advantage."

Most of you have gear that has already been passed, and nothing to worry about. But if you are near the limit or previously unmeasured, please be ready to be measured/weighed properly. If you have old bands on your mast, they are probably OK, and we will have a felt-tip to fix it with if need be.

We have sent this warning out every year. Occasionally people get turned away, and in 1989 the leading boat got disqualified because of that random pass-through-the-jig test we did when there was no wind.

As a class, we have to be sure that top boats measure.


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There are two supermarkets situated 5 minutes driving time from the club. Woolworths Kilbirnie and Pak 'n Save Kilbirnie. Hataitai Village has a selection of restaurants and take-away bars... otherwise the Wellington Central City is only located 10 minutes away from the yacht club by car.


The closest good coffee to the yacht club is located at Salvation Coffee in Hataitai Village.

Sail Makers

Linton Sails or Port Nicholoson sails are both within 10 minutes drive of the yacht club (but in opposite directions!)

Boat Supplies

Discount Marine is located on the Chaffers wharf, right beside a sailmaker and a rigger. 10 minutes drive


Duffy's rigging is located on Chaffers Wharf

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