EBYMBC Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach sailing?

Yes we do. Our sailing academy begins new classes three times during the year; spring, summer & autumn, and at various different levels for adults. More details of the classes and cost involved are at http://www.ebymbc.org.nz/academy.shtml

Do you hire boats?

We hire dinghies to people who have participated in our Sailing Academy classes to help them compete in racing. Due to health & safety requirements, we are unable to hire boats to the general public.

Do you teach motor boat courses?

No, and we don't know of anyone who does. As a club member, you may be able to get some advice and assistance from other motor boat owners.

Do you teach BoatMaster & Day Skipper courses?

We sometimes do, when there is sufficient demand from club members. Lowry Bay & Royal Port Nicholson also hold these classes occasionally, as do the Wellington Regional Coastguard.

Do you offer boat storage?

We certainly do, but only to club members. We have secure dinghy storage space and outside storage parks for trailer yachts. Details and prices (including membership fees) for our storage are here http://www.ebymbc.org.nz/about.shtml#storage . For keelers we are only about 200m from the Evans Bay Marina, however we are not connected with them, they can be contacted on Ph +64 4 386 2345.

What's the weather like at the club?

The easiest place to get a regular check on the weather is on Royal Port Nicholson's website - here. This is updated every couple of minutes with data from their weather station at Point Jerningham, so is very reflective of general conditions in Evans Bay.

Where is the club located?

We're on Evans Bay Parade, easily reached from the CBD in about 10 minutes drive if you come round Oriental Parade. Pass the new townhouses at Greta Point, continue past the new buildings in Cog Park, past the boatsheds & then we're there on your left. You'll see masts in our hardstand area first, then our clubhouse which has a three triangled roof. The driveway is just past the clubhouse.

Google Map

If you're coming north from Kilbirnie, after you've been through the intersection at Cobham Drive, continue past the marina carpark on your right, then you'll see the large concrete Coastguard building. Continue on past another carpark, then you'll see all the masts of our trailer park storage area & then the driveway entrance to the clubhouse right after the masts.

Can I haul my boat out at your club?

We provide a travel lift that can lift up to 25 tonnes & are able to accommodate a crane for boats over that weight, or multi-hulls. We also have a patent slipway for quickslips, to allow you to waterblast your entire hull. Slipway information is available at http://www.ebymbc.org.nz/slipway.shtml

Do I need to own a boat to participate in racing?

Not at all. Many of our trailer boats & cruising division yachts are looking for crew. Obviously they'd prefer people with experience, but even if you're a complete novice we can probably find you someone to sail with. Our crewing webpage is the best place to start - http://www.ebymbc.org.nz/crewing.shtml

Where is the Club's Privacy statement?

We will not pass on any of your information to anyone else. We will use your personal information only for the purpose you gave it to us. From time to time we may contact you via snail mail or by email with information about the club. If at any time in the future you wish to remove your name from our email list you need only to ask. When you resign your membership we will retain your contact details for our own records, but you may request to have your details deleted when you no longer have any financial obligation to the club. As required by the Privacy Act 1993 you may also check and correct the accuracy of personal details at any time. To do so please contact the office on (04)939-4167, or admin@ebymbc.org.nz